Pool Maintenance

Regular Pool Water Maintenance

The pool water maintenance at regular intervals: in order to ensure a constant pool water purity and transparency, a pool maintenance is necessary once a week. It is recommended to drain your pool once every 1-2 years.

Regular pool maintenance consists of 5 factors:

1. ph LEVEL ADJUSTMENT – using a Tester and Phenol Red tab. we check pH level. Adjust it by Measures Ph minus or Ph plus.

2. WATER OXIDATION – SHOCK ( after filling up the swimming pool for the first time and every 15-30 days by-quick-acting chlorine granules.

If you shock without chlorine-use active oxygen in liquid form

3. WATER CLARIFICATION ( once/wk ) –  flocculant

4. ALGAE REMOVAL ( once/wk )-algaecide

5. REGULAR DISINFECTION of WATER (once/wk)- slow performance chlorine tablet

If you chose disinfect without chlorine – use active oxygen in liquid form.

We offer  one time pool chemical balance, pool filter cleanings, pool sand replacement, how to set a timer, and everything you need to know. We also provide treatment for high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in pools, which will cause your chemicals to be no longer effective at killing bacteria. To avoid high TDS your pool needs to be drained about once every FIVE years. Call us for more information on maintaining your pool properly.

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